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[DB-ANN] Heartwork: Symphony of Destruction (OVA, 2003) Description Yuu Asakura was a mild mannered university student until he found a mysterious duffel bag with a gun and orders for an assassination.

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Heartwork: Symphony of Destruction is the anime adaptation of a VN from the same creators of Bible Black and follows 3 different routes like in Yosuga no Sora, in each episode the protagonist finds a gun and in each episode the only thing that changes is his approach towards the gun. 1 - Start a career as a hitman.

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Heartwork ~Symphony Of Destruction~ , commonly referred to as Heartwork (ハートワーク Hātowāku?), is a H anime originally created by Active Software, consisting of three OVA episodes. The series is directed by Bucifer and Tomohiro Koyama as the character designer.

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Heartwork ~Symphony Of Destruction~, commonly referred to as Heartwork, was originally an erotic video game that later had a H anime adaptation by Active Software, which consists of three OVA episodes. The series is directed by Bucifer and Tomohiro Koyama as the character designer. The show has been translated into English by Asia Pimplebutt, a group that has translated numerous others in the genre.

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This is a fan-made update and dub of the Visual Novel, "Heartwork: Symphony of Destruction", by Active Software. Along with english voice acting and narratio...

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HeartWork -Symphony of Destruction- walkthrough --INFO-- HeartWork is a visual novel was released in Japan in 1997 by Active Soft and translated in English in 2009. It tells the story of a cursed...

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Heartwork Symphony of Destruction - 1 DVD. When a withdrawn college student named Yuu finds a mysterious bag containing weapons and instructions to kill, he feels completely transformed into an indifferent person. By agreeing to become a murderer, a young man begins life of sex, lust, and violence.

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BGM from the visual novel Heartwork ~ Symphony of Destruction.

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But when compared to a games around the time heartwork was made it's not bad I guess. My main problem is it's short, in a hour I obtained a few endings but then again the other endings maybe longer. Also for some reason only half the games ero scenes are viewable in the album.